By Watching The Short Video Below You'll Discover...
The Fastest Way To Getting Anything You Want Out Of Your Life: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Business.
Skeptical? Good. Just Watch The Video.
The Fastest Way To Getting Anything You Want Out Of Your Life: Mind, Body Spirit, & Business.
By Watching The Short Video Below You'll Discover...
The Fastest Way To Getting Anything You Want Out Of Your Life: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Business.
The Fastest Way To Getting Anything You Want Out Of Your Life: Mind, Body Spirit, & Business.
Skeptical? Good. Just Watch The Video.
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The fact is this: 
If you have 30 minutes a day to spare, you can master every area of your life. 
And there isn't an easier, faster way to do it than to focus on your mind, body, spirit and business at the same time. 

As someone who possesses total mastery, you can 3x your results in the next 30 days. 

So if you're ready to: 

Generate A High Income, Taking Your Business To The Next Level, In As Little As 42 days

Implement The System & Structure Behind Having Productive Days, Weeks, And Months

Develop Complete Clarity On Your Vision And Purpose So You Can Have Complete Certainty

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life Becoming More Consistent & Disciplined Then Ever Before

Here's What The Total Mastery Mentorship Training Will Do For You!
Here's What The Total Mastery Mentorship Training Will Do For You!
You Get A 8-Week Online Intensive Training & Live Mentorship With Brodie Kern. 
$41,000 VALUE
Introducing... The Total Mastery Intensive Mentorship Training, a simple step by step system of productivity, clarity, and profits empowering you to master every area of your life. So you can ultimately dominate the playing field building a solid, successful, and sustainable business without burning out in the process.

You should know this took an awful lot of bullying from my guys. 

I was dead set on just doing this myself, making more money, doing what I want, when I want with whoever, whenever I want but they reasoned with me.

They said, "Brodie what matters more: You get to more freedom, or you get the legacy of having hundreds, if not thousands of more life changing success stories like us?"

So i took my entire system for mastering every area of life in under 60 days and boiled it down to a simple step by step video that's so simple even a baby could succeed with it.  

So my guys who lives changed and I, we'd like to invite you to be among the first people outside of our inner circle to receive this amazing training and get personally mentored by me. 
- WEEK 1 -
How To Unlock Unf*ckwithable Levels Of Power
  • The “Power Planner” that eliminates overthinking and puts you back in the driver's seat of your life with complete control. 
  •  How to get 100% CLEAR on what you truly desire for yourself and ditch the “Average” life trap society wants to keep you stuck in. 
  •  The 7 ‘non-negotiables’ that immediately take the guesswork out of generating more results in every area of your life. (HINT: If you can right click, and make a copy, you can nearly bullet proof yourself against burn out)
Total Value Of This Training: $7,000
- WEEK 2 -
The Dead Simple Producitivity System And Structure
  • The Do Or Die Hour - it instantly shows you how to AVOID getting stuck in a bad routine so you can establish rituals guaranteed to effortlessly get you massive results in your life. (PLUS - You can use this immediately to overcome bad habits & laziness!)
  •  Little known secrets that can save you from sleeping in and self-sabotage, so you can get more done in a day then most people get done in a week. (PLUS - The morning routine the top 1% of entrepreneurs are using to work less than 4 hours a day!)
  •  A superior yet little-known method of increasing your output while decreasing your time planning and thinking... (PlUS -Shortcut the steps it takes to join the boys making ‘big money.’)
Total Value Of This Training: $5,000
- WEEK 3 -
How To Beat Your Brain And Become More Present
  • SIMPLE! Little breathing techniques you can use anywhere to bring yourself back to the present so you can go through the day with an overpowering feeling of success coursing through your veins.
  •  How to stop negative thinking on the spot and AVOID getting taken down the negative spirals of anxiety and depression. 
  •  The one thing I learned from running marathons about, presence, that has pushed more men to their full potential than anything else I've ever encountered! (Last year I proved this for over 40 clients!)
Total Value Of This Training: $5,000
- WEEK 4 -
 How To Dramatically Increase Your Profits, Investments, & Bank account!
  • The A.D.E strategy previously only known by those who make a lot of money that lets you avoid working on $5 hour tasks and having too much on your plate
  •  The REAL secret weapon behind the wealthiest entrepreneurs success and why you should STOP listening to people with a lot of followers and ZERO results.
  •  The Profit Maximizer Metrics - The 2 templates I have used to create a 7-figure net worth at 25
Total Value Of This Training: $9,000
- WEEK 5 -
How To Rewire Your Subconscious Mind For Automatic Success
  • The only way to permanently get out of your own way and get back full control over every area of your life with complete certainty about where you’re heading. (Plus - ERADICATE limiting beliefs handcuffing you to a mediocre middle class mindset!)
  •  One question to ask yourself before bed that will cause your subconscious to begin working for you instead of against you.
  •  The number 1 KILLER when it comes to leveling up and why you must AVOID this at all costs (Note: this is a mistake even PROS make, and it will ruin your chances for success!)
Total Value Of This Training: $5,000
- WEEK 6 -
 How To Become A Member Of The Top 1% Of High-Performers
  • My exact “weekly reflection” form - after using this every 7 days for years it’s one of the secret weapons responsible for steady winning streaks (Most of my success has stemmed from this simple “feedback loop”)
  •  An under the radar method of structuring your life so you can solely focus on increasing your income without sacrificing your health or relationships.
  •  The power of “State Control” and how it practically forces you to focus on your most important goals for the day. (This one shift has more than doubled the output of 20 different entrepreneurs!)
Total Value Of This Training: $5,000
- WEEK 7 -
How To Defeat The Past, People-Pleasing, Self-Doubt, Over-Commitment, Broken Promises, And Chaos
  • The most powerful and effective way to free yourself from the past and experience true internal freedom without ever worrying about your future again!
  •  The 3 most dangerous mistakes most people make when thinking about the past and how you can avoid them!
  •  Dead simple strategies to completely ‘let go’ of the emotional baggage and ‘head trash’ cluttering your brain so you can finally and fully get out of your own way.
Total Value Of This Training: $5,000
- WEEK 8 -
The Advanced Human Psychology Of Sales And The 2 Scripts, Responsible For Generating Millions of Dollars Online
  • The mysterious secret of wealthy entrepreneurs. How they make 200% more than their competition, and how you can use their simple method too. (HINT: You can’t improve what you don’t measure)
  •  The absolute fastest way to get a client. (Whatever you do, don’t talk about yourself or what you can do for them!)
  •  The two, one of a kind, “scripts” that automatically puts more money in your bank account after using it. (HINT: If you can right click, and make a copy, you can make more sales!)
Total Value Of This Training: $7,000
An 8-Week Intensive Mentorship Training To Show You How To Master Every Area Of Your Life. 
Heres a Screen Shot of What I've done because of the total mastery Training...
Running marathons as a 100% vegan….

Having $40,000 months in business…

Speaking on some of the biggest entrepreneurial stages…

Growing an audience of 100,000+ on Instagram…

Being featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, & Inc.Magazine...
WHo is THis Training For.

Serious men who want the fastest path to freedom

Guys Who Want To Master Every Area Of There Life

You Want Complete Control Over Your Wealth & Time

Whos This Training Not For

If you whine or complain

If you don't take action

If you don;t believe in investing in yourself

If you're not fully committed to taking the necessary steps I provide to become a total master over your life

Access To The Total Mastery Private Members Only Group
Value: $497
Entrepreneurship is lonely. Connect with, and get support from other ambitious and success-driven online entrepreneurs who are all going through similar challenges. Share your wins, network, build lifelong friendships with people that support your goals. My team and i will also be active in here, helping out as often as possible.
Exclusive Expert Mentorship Sessions Via Zoom In The Private Group (get me as your mentor)
Value: Priceless
Every month i’ll be hosting live coaching sessions via Zoom where you can get coaching directly from me. These will be Q&A style and will allow you to get solutions and support for whatever challenge you’re dealing with. 
New Training Every Month
Value: $997
Every month i’ll be adding new training to the members area. Never before seen training from the high-level Wake Up Wealthy programs like the Brotherhood and ONE-TIME. 
TOTAL VALUE: $41,000
All Yours For Just One TIme Payment Of $497 Or 2 easy payments of $297


($41,000 VALUE)

Access To The Total Mastery Private Members Only Group

($497 VALUE)

New Training Every Month

($997 VALUE)

Exclusive Expert Mentorship Sessions Via Zoom In The Private Group (get me as your mentor)

2 x Easy Payments Of
1 Single PAYMENT


($41,000 VALUE)

Access To The Total Mastery Private Members Only Group

($497 VALUE)

New Training Every Month

($997 VALUE)

Exclusive Expert Mentorship Sessions Via Zoom In The Private Group (get me as your mentor)

Only 1 Single Payment Of

"From Barely Making $5,000 / mo. To $20,000 Month In 45 Days."

• Jeff Sekinger - Entrepreneur

•Was Barely Making $5,000 A Month

•Now Is Making $20,000 A Month 

•He 4X'ed His Income In 45 Days!

"Leveled Up My Life & Launched My Second Business"

• Justin Caballero - 7 -Figure Real-estate Beast

•“6 months ago i'd never thought i'd be where i am now…”

•I got shredded, and more mindful even during the launch of my second business SocialX 

•He Leveled Up Every Area Of His Life

"Struggling With Health, Spirituality, Relationships To Success In All Areas Of Life."

• Tyler Smith - Digital Marketer

•"I Had A Failing Business, I Was Struggling In My Health, Spirituality, Relationships, And Mindset."

•"I Now Have A 6-Figure Business, & Complete Control Over My Time."

•He Got Wake Up Wealthy Tattooed On His Arm!!!

“Failing in Shopify to Traveling the world for 6 months”

•Jeremy Allard - Shopify Expert

•Had 2 failing Shopify stores

•Now has 4 successful stores

•Traveling the world for 6 months

“From Corporate Job To 6-Figure Entrepreneur”

•Joshua Hanif - Entrepreneur

•Hated his job

•Now is a six figure Realestate entrepreneur

•With the support of the network

"I 10x'ed My Monthly Income Within 7 Days"

•Ravi Abuvalla - Business Expert

•Leveraged the network to get new clients

•Now is a huge believer

•Traveling the world running his business
When you look back 30 days from now - what will you have accomplished? 
Will you be getting the same results you’ve been getting up until now? 

Not really making any progress on your most important priorities - but at least your managing to “make it work” (even while hustling 24/7) 

Fighting fires in your business, completely neglecting life outside of the “daily grind?”

Maybe even after you put in the 70-80 hour work weeks you notice you’re still making the same amount of money as last month, just as the other guys shoot right past you into another income bracket...

Will you become a master of your most impactful projects and plans? Experiencing momentum, clarity and control you didn’t think could exist? 

Feeling more certain than ever in where your head - FINISHING things you start - with out all the suffering and sacrifices? 

Forcing people to ask. “What's your secret? What changed? How are you making so much happen all of a sudden?!”

Look, the choice is yours

But if you want my advice….

Take advantage of this special deal right now while it’s still available: 

Simply click the button below to unlock your next level today. 
Earn it, 
Brodie Kern
The Most Sought After Self-Mastery Expert On The Planet, Recognized By Forbes, Entrepreneur, & Inc. 
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